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Winnipeg MTS Centre Hotel
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Hotel near The Winnipeg MTS Centre

Just around the block from Humphry Inn and Suites sits the MTS Centre. Our hotel's the perfect place to stay when you're looking to enjoy the sports and cultural offerings  this fine concert hall and sports arena has to offer. Enjoy luxurious accommodations and the incredible convenience of a short walk to one of Winnipeg's pride and joy.

The Winnipeg MTS Center

From family events and an incredible roster of live concerts from a diverse array of artists including Kings of Leon, Rise Against, Avril Lavigne and Selena Gomez to numerous sports events, The Winnipeg MTS Center offers a wide range of entertainment for everyone. If you're looking to catch great Winnipeg concerts, our hotel is your ideal accommodations destination choice.

The Winnipeg Jets

Our MTS Centre hotel is so close to the Winnipeg Jets Arena that you can just walk around the block and find it. It also happens to be part of the MTS Centre. Catch a rousing game of hockey and enjoy fine lodging that's so conveniently near the Winnipeg Hockey Arena you'll be in the thick of it all  in a matter of minutes. Go Jets!

If you're looking for the best hotels near the MTS Centre, you've found your ideal blend of comfort and convenience in Humphry Inn & Suites.